Saturday, December 19, 2009


Suicidal tendencies
Seeing my breath as I breathe
Emotionless heart of mine
Wish I could go back in time
To protect and prevent from the pain
That runs all out through my veins
Stabbed in the back repeatedly
Still I live with dignity
A faith so deep
I walk a road of needles bare feet
I can't say me myself and I
Because me? Myself has died
So its just I
Caught up in a lie
Believing the hurt would subside
Making me able to forget
The regrets I can't let
Go. .
Things I wouldn't like you to know
Wish I could just pull the trigger
And accept what comes next
My friend did it before
She died the best. .

And every time I cut
I swear it heals so good
Its like a pattern puzzle
Embedded in my skin real good
Inside its blue
But the blood drips purple
Its facts that I'm dead
Still alive means red
Unforgettable past
Its history being read
Cold as winter
Frozen like the poles
Santa couldn't reach me
Killed his rain deer when he wasn't home
Peace, love and freedom?
Oh how I need em
H. I. P. P. I. E.
New age hipster
That's me
Dying for my rebirth
On a place outside this earth
Away from it all
On a new planet real small
Galaxies in a universe undiscovered
Yeah there I wouldn't be bothered
But until then though
I'm trapped from escape
Awaiting my hearts intake
Of a new love that's true
Thoughts of it being you
Icicle of a body left alone
Emotionless to the opposite
That aren't as cold. .

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Waking up feeling her breath on me
Stretched out across the bed
Sweat dripping, arms and legs
Its raining out
Pretty cats and dogs
Hitting the window
Bouncing off the bars
Slowly I begin to move
From under her body weight
Skin so smooth
Soft and delicate
Sitting on the edge of the bed
Trying to figure out what happened
Holding my head
I feel the drip drop transaction
Of something warm
BLOOD ! . . slowly running down
The sides of my arms
Looks like
I got a story to tell
As I remember
Her tying me up
Having her way
For a good fuck
This was new
I broke free
She got excited
By my intensity
We got wild
Biting each other
For a good while
We were apart of one another
Then it got strange
After she screamed my name
I felt this painful bliss
That drove me insane
I gave into it
She was cutting my veins
Cutting her self
Just cutting away
After she was done
I didn't know what to say
Would she kill me
If I was to leave
She continued
On riding me
Rubbing her blood all over me
It became hard to see
Blood still running out of me
I closed my eyes
As she turned into this beast
Draining my energy
She stole my heat
So cold now
Bent her over
Going so deep
Hold on I think she's up
Out of her sleep
Looking as she turned
Nope she's still feeling weak
To the flashback I return
I was on a mission
Reaching for her brain
Putting her in the ultimate submission
Tapping out as she grabbed the sheets
I just kept going as she curled her feet
Legs shaking
Deep breaths
Slow motion
Not weak yet
One last burst
Of energy left
Put her on top
As we finished the sex
That was it
I was gone
My body was dead
My mind was torn
Waking up
Under her body
I remember now
That's the story
But how did I get here
Who is she?
So disturbed
Now I'm worried. .