Monday, January 25, 2010


I have been infected
But this isn't the first time
I thought I was protected
Ugh, this dreadful curse of mine
My hearts reluctant to fight
Gives up all will and all might
Its to late now I've lost sight
Of what's wrong and right

L !
The first letter
Oh but wait it gets better
This is stage one
Where things begun.

O !
The second
Where you start to see
That theirs a difference in me.

V !
The third
Where every word
And every verb
Has now transformed and disturbed
The mental.

E !
The fourth and final
Where you'd do anything
To have what you want
Theirs no denial.

I've accepted this faith
I've achieved something great
You try and stop me?
Ill kill for
L.O.V.E's sake
Its owns me
It controls me
My minds stuck
I'm a zombie

I'm not so dead
I'm more than alive
If this is heaven
I shall grow wings to fly

So happy so complete
I am whole now
I can not face defeat
But now I'm in to deep

What if it leaves?
And I become weak
Will I bounce back
Upon my feet?
What if I'm hurt
The pain would just will kill
My entire life source
No one will have any remorse
I can't take it
Rip it out now
Take it away
Shut it down

Its to intense
I must commence
Into a new light
Who's done this to me
Ill rid them from this world
Karma's reenactment
I will embrace upon them
Make them feel
What I did how I did
When the disease spreads

Murderer !
Killer !

L.O.V.E's Grim reaper !
Pretty soon
Ill have deceased needs
And then maybe I'd be rid
Of this dreadful disease. .

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Make up sex

What a war it was
The battle was on
All because
Words weren't understood correctly
Now your here trapped beneath me
If I let you out will you be okay
Will you continue
With the hurtful things you say?
Can we make up in a special way?
That will take all the pain away?

Stop fighting
Stop pushing me away
Listen girl I have some things to say
I'm sorry
I didn't mean it
Take your clothes off
Let me heal it

Up against the wall
I'd kiss you so. .
Your mind would blow
All the madness far from thought
Hold on think my zippers caught
There we go I got it free
Now come lay your sexy body on me

Why must you struggle
Your not getting away
I'd tie you up
For the rest of the day
My lips on your skin
My tongue on your body
I paint a picture
Framing each curve
Tasting so sweet
Your more than what I deserve
Your giving in
I can tell. .
Your all over me
Like a wild gazel
Sucking on me
I was your fountain of youth
You needed life
No lie I was the truth

Making my way inside of you
Damn your warmth revived me boo
Stroking away
At your insides
Biting your lips
As you rolled those eyes

To the back of your head
I pounded the bed
With your body on top
No boundary to intend

I didn't plan to stop
Legs on my shoulders
Going in deeper
Your cuming so much
I became so sleeker
With all of your juices
I made good use
Bent you over
We were at a truce

No more anger
No more pain
All I had to do
Was make that pussy rain
Fucked it so good
You couldn't ever speak

You said
"I la lo la love you"
I said
"Don't say it unless you really want to"
But you meant it
I know you did
I'm releasing now
Take my kids
How ever you want it
So freaky with what you did
Weak now
Falling asleep
Make up sex
magnifique. .

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It's like the first time
We've ever spoken
First time I heard your voice
First time you opened up
The first time I made this choice
To just say nothing
And just listen
To your problems
To your pain
The first time ever
We felt the same
I held you close
To stop the tears
You mumbled away
But I still cared
Enough to make out the words
You left on my chest
Written in your cries
I did my best
This is what every woman wants
A man that listens
To their problems
To their day
To their anger
To their pain
It doesn't matter what
Just listen
Find out something new
At every intermission
Of her words
Feel the emotions
In every verb
Of her voices sorrow
Talk all night
Into tomorrow
I'd still be here
My time is not borrowed
It isn't spent
It is priceless
In any event
That I am needed
By you
Baby girl it is true
How I feel
I am here
It's time to heal
Let it out
Speak to me
Let me comprehend
I'll understand
Ill be a friend
I'll be the man
To correct those things
Believe it girl
I'm listening. .

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Click !
Open your eyes
To my minds projector
Click !
Zoom in
Analyze the photographic detector
Click !
Drugs, guns, the hustle
Money, power, we fucked respect
Die at any moment
You slip and forget
Click !
Cutting school like always
Smoked early morning hallways
Click !
Projects, side blocks
Gangsters ? They popped
Click !
Guns in my face
Bullets flown
It isn't as great
When your life is gone
Click !
Fighting to prove myself
To no bodies
Who's there when I needed help?
Click !
Zoom out
To fit a crowd
To be cool
Was the way it was
Back in high school
Click !
Cars speeding
A body flipping in the air
Landed on the side walk
Everybody stared
Did anybody care ?
Click !
Fresh shape up
Took a deep breath
Dead on the floor
His heart had weak health
Click !
Focused the blur
Shot up
All because of a girl
Click !
Blue and red
More than just a color
Disrespect your dead
Click !
Condom broke?
9months later
You realize it wasn't a joke
Click !
Depression kills
You hurt enough
You taking pills
Now you cutting
All against your will
Click !
Delete or
Be exposed
Pretty soon
Everybody will know
Click !
Forever kept picture
Has been captured. .
Click !