Sunday, April 25, 2010


I lay my head on her chest
No heart beat to be found

Body so cold
I begin to worry now

Lifeless beauty
Wake up for me

I know your there
Open your eyes up to me

Give me a smile

Let me know your ok
I'm giving you reason to stay

Here with me in this world
Don't you leave me here alone girl

It is you that I live for
So come back to me once more

For those high nights
And smokey days

That always puts us
In such a phase

Always smiling in a daze
Floating away so to say

Could not explain in any way
Its just so great in every way

And with you its endless
Just wish you would understand

You leave and I'm a lonely man
Here look hold my hand

Squeeze it when you hear my voice
When ever you choose to make that choice

Ill be here waiting for you
Stuck like glue embedded to you
. .

Saturday, April 3, 2010


A game of charades
Who am I
I can't act this out
I live the lie
And I've seen
Of those that follow
Into an endless world of sorrow
Living on hopes of tomorrow
Not knowing
Life. .
Is only borrowed
The unbreakable promise
How can we
Rise above this
As if adam and eve
Hadn't cursed us all
A mistake they've made
Has given us all, faith to fall
To parish
Into oblivion
What after life is their in the end

Everyone I meet
Seems to defeat
All my hopes of them being
Different in ways
Even I couldn't imaged
Their all the same
By time the day is finished
I've been fooled before
But never again
I don't have people
That I call my friend

Only family
That's all I've kept with me
Those outsiders
Are out to get you
Behind each mask
Is where they pretend to
Be all that you've expect
once the mask is removed
Your only left with regret
I changed the charades
To a game of spades
Still counting books so
afraid ?
Under by three
I'm taking my leave now
Don't follow me. .