Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Heart First

I'm good at pretending,
Fooling myself along with others.
Almost believing the show I put on
Never wasting my moments,
From days that have gone
I've been making improvements.

The mind and soul heals
Pain that my heart wishes to ignore,
Cold blooded is how it feels
When all hopes become nomore.
Everyone wants in
And when they get it ?

Your just another who fell.
Heart first into a desired reality,
Replaying within your mind.
Waking up to morning shine,
But sleep alone all the time.
All this sorrow fills the bed,
Creeping up your spine.
You'll never be the same again,
But you pretend like lifes all fine.

Its really just dark and empty
Your missing deep inside,
It used to be warm and happy
Couldn't forget how to smile.
It was all I had
All I needed for a little while.
So when things got bad
I knew how to get on by.
Now its different
Cant tell the truth from a lie,
Stuck with second thoughts
Why do I live for these try's ?
When all I want is a final,
A definite you and I.

Moonlight lovers, tree huggers.
free in the air, playing in my hair.
No ” maybe someday's ”
Or blinds over are eye's,
I want our love to shine as clear
As the sun in those sky's.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inside Out

Fighting for love
In my solitude,
Inner battles rage -
Need some peace to get a hold of,
Smiles floating all around my mood.
Soon the war will be over.

Love rising like tides beneath a moon.
This heart in me,
Has uncontrollable needs for you.
Follow your destiny and i will guide.
It just isn't fair to be so cold inside,
My poor love's already
Entangled deep in my pride.

Instructions with the love I send,
Teachings of the perfect blend.
So within the living flesh
That animates our bodily frame,
Laying your head on my chest
Allowing you to pump freely through my veins.

Corruption. . Depression !

The pain, that shortly followed.
A life crying out !
For a new beginning tomorrow.
And that, may never come.
Failing to realize how deep I'd fallen,
All decisions were being made
From deep within this organ.

At my weakest I gained the strength,
To put on a life I slowly bent
And soon broke free from.
All this time spent
Locked away in my mind,
Planning out my escape
Into a world not fully fine.

And would only belong to me
My special place.
Something only I could see,
My life at a better pace
Only way I'd want it to be.
It is not a race,
Because in the end there is just death.
You wouldn't wanna live a life,
You could easily forget.

Seemed to survived
With lost of regret,
Flashbacks of the lovely days
From back when we met.
I'll remember your lessons
Yes I've learned,
Forever scarred on my heart
Is you ! That girl. .

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Safe Sex ?

So lame and boring,
We engage malicious
I'm fucking your walls in.
Pounding out
Our rough aggression,
We make the most
Of every session.
Passion sets the bed on fire,
Every time the flames
Burn higher.
And I Melt deep,
Yes pushing all up inside ya'
Youth and beauty
May diminish,
But we’ll be ashes
When we’re finished.
Moans of pleasure
And guttural screams,
Getting our nuts
By what ever the means.
Point where your thighs meet
Why is it so potent?
Covered in diamond
Platinum drips,
Turbulent motion
Yeah girl, you working those hips.
I've reached the ocean
Setting it free,
Massive explosions,
Your cumming just for me.
High tidal waves, beautiful notions.
Low her sea floor
Holy body of water,
Pussy leaking more
I'm all up in it ..raw
Listening to the moans
Break from your jaw,
Riding down skin
Which you rip with your claws.
Drumming my ear with your tongue
Signing your name at the end,
Tattooed like the gun.
Inhaled deep
As my dick surfed your walls,
Consumed in your cum.
In my self defense
I had to let out one,
To call it all even
We're private part sprung.
This is just one of how many
Endless parts,
That has yet to begun. .

Your Love Changed Me

The things that used to be,
Are no longer a sight to see.
Do you know what you've did,
You hurt me,
Deep inside the casing of my ribs.
Enclosing my safekeeping's now,
Somewhere best well hid,
I'm just trying to relieve this
How ?
This pain, I must forbid.
Wasn't all bad though
There were good times,
They continuously died slow
Masked behind my awkward smiles.
I was comfortable , stupid
And so used to your love.
Advantages ..Taken
Then vanquished with your hugs,
And unforgettable sex.
This love brought a new
Whole being out of me,
You even had me thinking
So properly.
And focused on the bigger picture
Kids, moving away,
Even a ring on one of those little fingers.
I found my self
Lost and lonely without your presence,
Cause it was you only
Who I once shared my
Concentrated form of spiritual essence.
Night till day till another night
Together high,
Gas mask, bong, hooka, pipe
We had all the things to get our minds right.
Those memories will remain
All these things has made a change,
Never will get to see the day
You remove my name
But that's just skin
I linger forever deep inside your brain.
So what's missing ?
My innermost center of emotion,
Four chambers pumping devotion.
Sided left of my chest is the organ,
That has died and remains frozen.
The fact that I'm still alive,
Only proves that I lived, I survived
Through out all of your lies.
It still gets under my cells and skin,
Eating away at layers deep with in.
Why couldn't we have stopped this then
Maybe we really did need this “end”
Because now,
I can't even see you friend.
All we've been through
Our worlds were at war,
The years , I count two
But it seems like so much more.
Lessons learned, embedded to remember
I love and must forget you
My heart, can no longer be surrendered. .

Giant In The Sky

Look up!
That's where I'm at.
In these skies
Spacious and wide,
Smiles as my height
Towered over your eyes.
Shaping everything
Besides sunned outlined,
Self-luminous heavenly body
Providing the light that guides me.
Through the shading in your soul
Goddess of mine
Soon, I'll be taking you home.
If held any closer
On the other side of you,
I'd be.
Already thinking of a way
To get back inside of thee.
Rising oceans, waving seas
Rivers moving ever so silently.
Getting closer by all means,
Got gravitation on its knees.
All the space for all your needs,
Its my universe
So please have the tendency
To fall up into me.
And we'll descend in reverse,
Back up and away
From all that's cursed.
Its just you, I
And some uncontrollable smiles,
We've no worries in these skies. .

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unfamiliar Territory

Its not worth chewing through,
These straps are invisible.
No light, just sounds
Leading to my unhappy frowns.
Lost in thought,
Unfamiliar territory.
The world ..which floats in the sky,
Was now on a plummet
From my highs.
And surfacing to my lows.
Now that's an open mind,
I can feel the breeze flowing through me,
Eyes remain closed
Air seeping through my nose.
Hitting the ground
I Listen to my bones break
As they dance and shake,
Every feeling felt late
Bringing me down.
I hit the top of no bottom
Stuck circling the sun,
Long way from home
Gravity has won.
Not of their kind
Alien nor human,
Blanks which can't be filled
Even if I knew em'
Cursed by this planet
Unable to live free, yes happily.
I opened my eyes to
A short walk in the light of the world,
..Questioning mentally
Was this really meant for me ?

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Its a funny thing,
I've met you and my whole life changed.
A girl I thought couldn't have exist,
Appeared and now controls
My whole mind state.

I'm going through a lot,
Her and this someone
Who doesn't want to go away
Is making this what we would rather not
Have between us ..miner issues
That deceives us,
Arguments that leaves us
Upset after the fact that we've cussed.
Forgetting what's to be discuss,
But we wont let it lead us
Cause what we have exceeds lust.

A powerful feeling
That we both trust,
Feeling it in our tummy's
As our bones turn all gummy.
Nervous to say
What we are enduring,
But its all happy feelings
That's reassuring.
As we looked at each others smile
With no reasons why,
Just standing there
Shaking in our butterflies. .

Friday, January 21, 2011


Watering your feelings
With this love I possess,
And may it reach deep enough
To GROW that heart in your chest.

Let my mouth do the talking
As my tongue does the rest,
Sucking poisonous sorrow
Straight form its depths.
Freeing your veins
From its dry spell,
Unlocking your brain
From where it dwells.

Let these fingers soften the skin
That has been beaten
And bruised,
The healing must begin.
Cut off all of what has died,
Get back to the roots
And reach up towards the sky
Because all we'll ever need
Is for that sun to fucking shine.

As we grow
Our love will rise,
Bloom in to the air
As we pretend to fly.
Coloring with our love
Until Its not just you and I,
Soon one day
At some point and time
After nine months has gone by
Our love will have GROWN
Into a little child. .

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fairy Tale

And here is my heart,
Which beats only for you.
And I wouldn't lie,

My heart beats the honest truth.
I love you, not for what you are,
But for what I am when I'm with you.

Once in awhile,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.

No necessary happy ending needed,
Just the joy and the thrill of it,
The ups, downs and feel of it.

Found your happiness,
Now could you imagine losing it ?
Man I would just die !

Not so literal.
These thoughts,
Just seem to slip out my mental.

Lost the key to a best friend who
Sold me lies, I believed, and was fooled.

That's why you're here,
You made sure you cared.

So I live with a forgotten past,
No longer scared.

My protective shield,
Everything we felt, was real.

And nothing would ever compare
To you my awesome dear.

She didn't have to be the prettiest girl,
As long as her love, was beautiful.

And knowing that she was my world,
My happiness is now, suitable. .

Place In Me

See there's this place in me
Where your fingerprints still rest,

Your kisses still linger,
And your whispers softly echo.

It's the place where a part of you
Will forever be a part of me.

Never broken hearted
Let's connect and be complete,

Nothing like a puzzle
Two half's of unique.
I have you.
A lover and a friend.

You are everything I need.
You are the sun,

The air that I breathe.
Be my vampire,

Indulge and suck the blood that I bleed.
Without you,

Life wouldn't be the same.
Please don't ever go away.

And if you go,
Then don't forget to take me with you.

Let's survive together,
Outside the world of superficial. .

Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Ultimate Best

Waring in the battle,
Save you with my soul.
Protect you from my sin's,
And defending off the world.
Left no fight for the win,
But those blows flew mighty when
They fused with the wind.
Pain is only weakness,
Leaving your body.
Let it all go,
Make it empty on me.
I'll take away,
What hurts the most.
Heal each wound,
And bring our body's close.
Feel your scars now,
Understand what your pain is.
Let it all leave in a forgotten cloud,
And remember what my name is.
This is from me to you,
I'm not perfect but I'll try.
I'll do my ultimate best,
To keep them tears from those eyes. .

Eyes Of Light

I didn’t want to admit it,
It was easier to lie.
Hide the hurt and emptiness,
To smile instead of cry.
As much as I endured,
The love melted away my heart.
Sweet strawberry lava goo,
Infected where I was normally smart.
I caught a new breath,
Off every thought of you.
The images in my mind,
Made my blood bubble too.
Chemical reaction to this romance,
Love so tight I wore it as my pants.
What started out as a new friend,
Makes me not want to reach thee end.
I want a 'continue ?'
With the nine seconds like street fighter.
And this will never be over,
I promise you and I'll squeeze tighter.
Every time we get a chance to hug,
Even if every one else is against us, fuck.
We'll never have to worry about them,
I will never believe those lies.
I know all I need to know girl.
I never need to see the sun again,
there's enough light in your eyes.
To light up all the world. .

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ocean Of Wasted Emotions

As it turns out
The wrongs I was in
Happened to be right

All the secrets you held
Couldn't hide from the light
And to think for you.. I would fight?
..A nation ..A army

If I had to
I would've taken any bullet
That was meant for you
But now..
Right now..
That is no longer a thought
Deleting as the words flow
All the memories I will soon let go

And all I want you to know
Is.. My love for you? is dying slow

My hearts broken, I shed no tears
To much pain inside to be weak
I'm strong, smart and I'm unique

Ill find someone who'll defeat
The hatred you've left me with
They'll take me somewhere
You'll never see fit

But by then you'll be forgotten
Away from you, your hearts rotten
From the inside out
Your emotions runs cold

Freezing your soul
Leaving a black hole

And so I've learned
Its life and shit happens

No more scenes or commotion
I'm diving in head first

Back into..
..The ocean of wasted emotions

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I look back on those days
That held me and made me notice.

There's more than one way to be happy
Depending on a source of forever love

Not the smarted choice but I believed.
Without you its a waste of time

Endless thoughts of you in my mind.
Of a future so perfect right

But hard to reach, so out of sight.
I couldn't let go of what I had

And without it, all emotions was sad.
But I did. .

Set what was once mine, free.
Into a world that promises six feet

To live a life without me
I cried at night, lonely.

Because all I wanted
Was for you to hold me.

And time went on, so did my mind.
Building walls of iron steel

To protect any way I were to feel.
No one could get in

And I ? Well there's no way out
Trapped inside an ocean of doubt

And minimized the girls that stuck out.
I've missed. .

The way it used to feel
To not worry about something real.

To trust and love
Without second thought

To have faith in and to care for
The woman I dream about.

Man, life was good
Well enough to be happy.

Now I'm worried, there's all these risk
I need the life back that I've missed. .

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Beautiful Death

Switch blades and hand grenades
Bullet wounds for whom ?
None are assigned

It can kill at anytime
Take a life more than twice
Just to keep you alive
Now your awake

Look at that body's mistake
It should have moved away from faith
Too slow, they lose
Adjust to survive stupid fools

Tree eighty revolver
Long nose, all black
Or anything with a kick back
Who would know how to react
Just let your brain go
Let it all blow away
Dead instantly ? whoa no way. .

Ever took a plane and wondered
What would it be like if it blew up?
Blazing fire raising higher
A raging wave owing slaves

To the death you will cave
If your lucky you would jump

Soaring towards earth's surface
Finding out your life's true purpose

Was just to end it all fantastically
But I will not say this dramatically

We all have to die, tragedy . .
It doesn't matter how you live your life

Happy, sad, ungrateful, mad ?
Pretty, sexy, good, bad ?

You take what you can get
Because we all will die a beautiful death. .