Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Ultimate Best

Waring in the battle,
Save you with my soul.
Protect you from my sin's,
And defending off the world.
Left no fight for the win,
But those blows flew mighty when
They fused with the wind.
Pain is only weakness,
Leaving your body.
Let it all go,
Make it empty on me.
I'll take away,
What hurts the most.
Heal each wound,
And bring our body's close.
Feel your scars now,
Understand what your pain is.
Let it all leave in a forgotten cloud,
And remember what my name is.
This is from me to you,
I'm not perfect but I'll try.
I'll do my ultimate best,
To keep them tears from those eyes. .

Eyes Of Light

I didn’t want to admit it,
It was easier to lie.
Hide the hurt and emptiness,
To smile instead of cry.
As much as I endured,
The love melted away my heart.
Sweet strawberry lava goo,
Infected where I was normally smart.
I caught a new breath,
Off every thought of you.
The images in my mind,
Made my blood bubble too.
Chemical reaction to this romance,
Love so tight I wore it as my pants.
What started out as a new friend,
Makes me not want to reach thee end.
I want a 'continue ?'
With the nine seconds like street fighter.
And this will never be over,
I promise you and I'll squeeze tighter.
Every time we get a chance to hug,
Even if every one else is against us, fuck.
We'll never have to worry about them,
I will never believe those lies.
I know all I need to know girl.
I never need to see the sun again,
there's enough light in your eyes.
To light up all the world. .