Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All I Ever See

All I'll ever see
Days pass and nights come
As thoughts begin to conquer
My mind soul and sprit
No choice but to flow with it
Missing the times spent together
Looking back on all the pleasure
Reminiscing as I listen to your voice
On my voice mail left by your choice
From the heart breaks to mistakes
On to the break ups to make ups
I can't think because I'm stuck
On stupid going on and on
I know sometimes you'd wish
I wasn't even born
But I'm here to stay
And to god I'd pray
That we'll make it to the end
Even if we were just friends
I'd still be happy to say
In any kind of way
That your the one for me
And in darkness
Your all I'll ever see.


I'm here, trapped with in
Your spell
And there's no escaping
From how I fell
For you and your ways
It had me thinking
Forever stuck in this daze
You'd have had to
Been planing this for sometime now
Because you've
Totally hacked my mind, but how?
How could this be
That you've claim to love thee
And much others besides me
When I'd just rather fly free
Away from your trickery
Into the sky where
I'd surely dissappear
Racing through the open air
Burning up in the sun
Which leaves scars so deep
Its to painful to run
I'll never sleep
Once I've begun
To escape
The faith brought upon me
That complicates
The life I hardly see
So what's left
After I've left everything behind
Just the thoughts
That dwells deep in my mind
Stuck in pitch black
No body, no heart, no soul
Just lost, eyes shut, ice cold
And I'm trapped!


Let those words leave your lips
Tell me everything that I've missed
All your problems and pains
I'll travel all through your vain's
I'll heal what's broken
As I follow the words you've spoken
Give me the map and key
So I can fulfill your every need
It doesn't matter how long it takes
I'll correct all the mistakes
Restart your broken heart
And reconnect every part
Fixing each emotion
With this love potion
Just so you can smile again
I promise the happiness won't ever end.


Slowly as I drift into a zone
Feeling so alone like dead cold bones
In a world full of darkness
And the people who left me heartless
Words for which I not speak,
Air that I shall not breathe
Left me with only voices that feed
Off the fear of another
Like salty tears to rainy weather
And the lost life of my brother
Whom was a stranger
Still apart of my life so
Its still hard to let go
Sometimes I just wish
I could end it all with this
Weapon of my choice
Being stopped by the little voice
That intertwines inside my mind
Making me go so crazy
But on the outside I'm just fine
So I just need to humble myself
Control but not stress myself
And realize that I only need myself..

Zombie Girl

Zombie Girl
My zombie love
We'll be as one forever more
I used tattoo's to substitute
The pain of razor blades
Patient zero
Aqua veins
Purple wearing blue lips gypsy
Empty vessel
With scabs of green
The color controlled
By money fiends
Skin dead ice
Colder than blue
If I kill you
You'd have died twice
The next death is mine
Ill pay that price
We'll share it together
To give you pleasure
Drain my blood
Help me transform
With your love
Ill be reborn
Free from life
Welcomed to death
Sounds so promising
No regret
The most beautiful of them all
The dead girl on my arm
Take my soul
Spare my heart
In this world
We'll never part
My zombie love
This is where we start. .


I can feel you moving away
It happens each second
Of each day
I thought it was just me
You know, so depressingly
I think of the worst
When ever I'm alone
You could say its a bad habit
But how could you have known
When its just another secret
Lost inside my mental zone
The coldest place ever
It'll get inside your bones
Weakening them, enable to crumble
Leaving a broken jaw that just mumbles
Less talks, no feeling to touch
And everything that didn't matter much
I'm invisible to your sights
Like shadows to sky nights
No attention given
Like a man with too much women
I'm only around for your needs
Until your happy and then leave
Like superman fights crime
He gets it over with in no time
Quick and fast
Then your up on the go
Each time my heart dies slow
Leaving me with no words left to say
Yes I feel you drifting so far away. .


In my dreams you used to be,
Now your locked away, I took the key
Its hard to speak for what I cant see
Darkest of shadows overwhelm me
So hard to breathe when I sleep
As the nightmares begin to creep
The devil walks by
Holds my neck then decides
To keep me there suffocating
Mean while my heart is racing
Blood is pumping hard enough
Mind is thinking other stuff
So it begun, spoken words
Shot out like bullets from a broken gun
Will I die? I can no longer run
Why cry? If its already done
Trapped here in an eternal rest
I cant fight the force against my chest
What to do? someone help!
No ones around to protect my health
And this goes on just until
Im about to give up on all my will
And then Im free suddenly
I wake up and stare
At what looked like a tree
As I gasp air
I looked around
still no one there
Im in my room on my bed
I lay back to rest my head
when will their be someone here
someone who really cares
someone who will be there
someone to fight my fears. .

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lucky Pen

Lucky pen
I tried to write my name
In the sky upon cloud
But my finger just went
Up, through and around
I tried to jump into a puddle
But my feet couldn't plummet
Even when I stood suttle
I tried eating paste
when I was little
I couldn't stand the taste
Other kids thought I was mental
I tried to be a power ranger
But I never transformed
I didn't have the pleasure
I caught them all
I did better than ash
But these poke'mon
Really sucked ass
I tried to fly
With my blanket as a cape
I just fell to the floor
No sweet escape
I crossed them over all the time
But they stole the ball every time
I ran for touch down
As fast as I could
But I got tackled
I got hurt real good
I knew a few tricks on my bike
popped a wheelie all night
I skated morning til'
Oly'd over everything
I tried writing on that cloud again
But I just ended up
with my paper and lucky pen. .

Robotic Man

Robotic man
He looks as normal as
Any other human has
The functions that
Any human is known to have
But inside is where its different
Some things are so wrong
And not as efficient
As its suppose to be
But take a look inside
There's nothing to see
Just a hollowed out body
Dark and empty
No emotions around
No soul to surround
Just this guy here
With a permanent frown
A very cold stare
And a mind that could drown
The whole world in its depths
Of painful concepts
And dissappear
Without making any foot steps
And there he would go
Off to show the sky
What you couldn't understand
To ever over stand
About this robotic man. .

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Was a Lie

Was a lie
When the world stands still
And then time freezes
I hear my heart beat
As my blood races
Rushing through me
Up into my brain
Causing my head to suffer
A tremendous amount of pain
Vision becomes blur
Limbs feeling weak
Breathing hard and slower
Stumbling off my feet
Laying here lifeless
Helpless to revive
Hard to tell, if I'm still alive
Slowly trying to find
The life left in me
My soul decides
My heart subsides
My mind implies
My body dies
And no tears left to cry
All because love was a lie..