Saturday, July 31, 2010


I look back on those days
That held me and made me notice.

There's more than one way to be happy
Depending on a source of forever love

Not the smarted choice but I believed.
Without you its a waste of time

Endless thoughts of you in my mind.
Of a future so perfect right

But hard to reach, so out of sight.
I couldn't let go of what I had

And without it, all emotions was sad.
But I did. .

Set what was once mine, free.
Into a world that promises six feet

To live a life without me
I cried at night, lonely.

Because all I wanted
Was for you to hold me.

And time went on, so did my mind.
Building walls of iron steel

To protect any way I were to feel.
No one could get in

And I ? Well there's no way out
Trapped inside an ocean of doubt

And minimized the girls that stuck out.
I've missed. .

The way it used to feel
To not worry about something real.

To trust and love
Without second thought

To have faith in and to care for
The woman I dream about.

Man, life was good
Well enough to be happy.

Now I'm worried, there's all these risk
I need the life back that I've missed. .

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Beautiful Death

Switch blades and hand grenades
Bullet wounds for whom ?
None are assigned

It can kill at anytime
Take a life more than twice
Just to keep you alive
Now your awake

Look at that body's mistake
It should have moved away from faith
Too slow, they lose
Adjust to survive stupid fools

Tree eighty revolver
Long nose, all black
Or anything with a kick back
Who would know how to react
Just let your brain go
Let it all blow away
Dead instantly ? whoa no way. .

Ever took a plane and wondered
What would it be like if it blew up?
Blazing fire raising higher
A raging wave owing slaves

To the death you will cave
If your lucky you would jump

Soaring towards earth's surface
Finding out your life's true purpose

Was just to end it all fantastically
But I will not say this dramatically

We all have to die, tragedy . .
It doesn't matter how you live your life

Happy, sad, ungrateful, mad ?
Pretty, sexy, good, bad ?

You take what you can get
Because we all will die a beautiful death. .