Thursday, October 22, 2009

Your Thoughts

Slowly your heartbeats
And your mind speaks
What your soul seeks
Your lonely body just
Can't be relaxed
It needs the attention
Wants the affection
And strives for redemption
Of that perfect feeling
The one that's caused by
My sexual healing
Flashbacks of how
You road my dick
Up and down
Then there was the time
When you said
Your pussy was all mine
Cold sweats
Your eyes closed and tighten
I pulled your hair
As you started biting
The pillow and
Screamed my name
Relizing noone could ever
Do you the same
From behind you
I went so deep!
I took your breath away
You couldn't speak
My penetration, was exact
Your physique, so intact
Unbelievavble beauty!
Just wait, i'll be back. .

My Love

Let me explain baby
About what you make me feel
And how you have me
Deep in this forreal
I know I be stressing you
I know I make you cry
I know I hurt you alot
But let me explain why
Sometimes I be jealous
Sometimes I be scared
Sometimes I be mad
Sometimes losing you
Is what I mostly feared
Do you know why
I care for you so much
Do you know why
You mean so much
Do you know why
I love you so much
Do you know why
Why your so special
Because your my everything
Because you come first
Because your my wife
And because your my life
I live for you and your smile
I live for the look in your eyes
I live for your happiness
And I live just so you can know this
I want to be the reason
The reason you breathe
The reason you wake up everyday
The reason your heart pumps
And the reason you say the things you say
I know I let you down before
I know I hated you before
I know I disrespected you
I know I lied to you and more
I'm sorry for all them things
I'm sorry for the hurt I bring
I'm sorry for killing the love
I'm sorry for all that I've done
Baby I just want you to know
Know that your better than them
Know that its hard to understand
Know that your all I need in the end
And know that baby I am your man
My love for you will never go away
My love for you will never be a lie
My love for is here to stay
And my love for you will never die. .

This Is For You My Ex Love. .


Sometimes I wonder
If I was to close my eyes
Would living my life
In total darkness
Be any much better
Than what it is now?
Just maybe,
All I can see
Is fake people infront of me
Smiles on there faces
And hate in there blood
All they can do
Is take as things come
Hate when theres love
And run from what they've done
Giving up is all they know
Trying hard, they never show
So fuck them I'm ready
Block out the sun
And bring on the darkness
Let me live my life
I'm alone regardless
Everything will be better
When my world is silenced. .

Died Inside

Sometimes there's things
Even music can't heal
And sometimes the cuts
Aren't deep enough to feel
So whats left for me then
Poetry.. my only friend
No beats or blades
No vibe or pain
To take my mind away
From this world
And into my own
Where its not so cold
But I'm stuck laying here in this bed
With all these thoughts filling my head
I write with the blood that pumps
From my weaken and abused heart
Every drop of blood tells
Another sad story
Of my life and how it dwells
Repeating it self everyday
That passes by
Poetry please save me
Why must I cry?
I can't take it anymore
I've died inside. .

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kleptomaniac O_O

I've stolen life from death
Happy from sad
Forgiveness from regret
Im lost in my mind
When the shadows shined
Ran away
When everything was fine
Now stuck in time
As life repeats
And heart beats
On the weakest line
Nearest to death? Yeah
Live your lie
Ill steal your faith
And kill your pride
Pick your brain
Poke your eyes
You cover your ears?
Ill rip your throat!
Make you wish
You never spoke!
You'd promise me?
Ill leave you broke
Alone, cold
And fucking smoked!
Burned to ashes
Yeah, dust to dust
Ill shatter your life
If I must
Steal the pieces
And claim my own
New life
A twilight zone
Flip me
And ill repel you
Is it just me
Or I'm a little maniac
It fits me
Better than a fitted cap
I'm stealing your heart
Won't give it back
Hey I stole that too
Ha! Ha! Kleptomaniac. .

Pretty Strange

Short hair
Big head
So cool
Two beds
Laid back
Crazy laughs
Cute smiles
No ass
Dressing the way I like
With out having to try
Is what made you
Visible to my eye
So shy
Very ticklish
Little bitchiness
Always biting
I bite back
And we're fighting
I like that
So high
We smoke
Rubber lips
Enough jokes
Fun times
We chill
Your eyes
They kill
All names
Your pretty strange. .

Monday, October 5, 2009

Plastic Ring

We walk the skies
And people are starring
We ride the clouds
And they start caring
We make up words
When they're swearing
Like please klahblewiggity
Your disrespecting my Integrity
With all your stupidity
There's not enough squares
Their barely even a circle
The coolest guy I knew
Wasn't named steve urkle
I'm happy loving weed
Happy being free
Happy she's with me
And happy that she see's
Everything that I do
Awe now that's to idol
She's so hot
She can be a robot
Take my plastic ring
Its a twenty five cent thing
But it means more than
Everything else did
I don't believe in marriage
I don't believe in love
I don't believe in anything
That's in the three lines above
But I believe in you
And I believe in me
Show me that ring I gave you
I wanna see
Its so beautiful
But not as much as you
And those eyes
It takes me away for miles
And for a million more smiles
Something special for you and I
Purple plastic around your finger
Fuck my life!
When I'm not with her. .

Inside Your Eyes

Dead inside your eyes
Still waiting to come alive
I can feel it in my teeth
Dying for life
Coldness in my feet
Bound for defeat
Good ol' fashion nightmare
A head full of sadness
I laugh at sun sets
Before the moon divides the ocean
You must learn to see
Before opening your eyes
If so isn't achieved
You'll be blinded by lies
The answer to my silents
She's my sound
My feet never touched the ground
Whenever you were around
Felt like an angel
You were my heaven
But I was your devil
You hurt me like hell
Burning my soul
Putting fire through my heart
And then it was cold
My emotions ripped apart
You was gone
As fast as you came
I wouldn't be surprised
If you didn't know my name
Dead inside your eyes
Burning with lies
Rejecting words I speak
With your evil little smile. .

When She Looks

When she looks at me
I wonder what she see's
Am I all she needs
Or just another guy
Who cheats and leaves
Cold hearted lusting these
Feelings for her
Not knowing if its for sure
How would I know
Its just a blur
When I think of it
I don't know why
I don't just quit
But then only then
Would I look so fake
And the "lies"
Would now just take
Her away from me
How hurtful would that be
She paints a pretty picture
With such an ugly frame
Filling in all our emotions
And signs it with her name
So forever more
It'll remain the same. .