Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fairy Tale

And here is my heart,
Which beats only for you.
And I wouldn't lie,

My heart beats the honest truth.
I love you, not for what you are,
But for what I am when I'm with you.

Once in awhile,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.

No necessary happy ending needed,
Just the joy and the thrill of it,
The ups, downs and feel of it.

Found your happiness,
Now could you imagine losing it ?
Man I would just die !

Not so literal.
These thoughts,
Just seem to slip out my mental.

Lost the key to a best friend who
Sold me lies, I believed, and was fooled.

That's why you're here,
You made sure you cared.

So I live with a forgotten past,
No longer scared.

My protective shield,
Everything we felt, was real.

And nothing would ever compare
To you my awesome dear.

She didn't have to be the prettiest girl,
As long as her love, was beautiful.

And knowing that she was my world,
My happiness is now, suitable. .

Place In Me

See there's this place in me
Where your fingerprints still rest,

Your kisses still linger,
And your whispers softly echo.

It's the place where a part of you
Will forever be a part of me.

Never broken hearted
Let's connect and be complete,

Nothing like a puzzle
Two half's of unique.
I have you.
A lover and a friend.

You are everything I need.
You are the sun,

The air that I breathe.
Be my vampire,

Indulge and suck the blood that I bleed.
Without you,

Life wouldn't be the same.
Please don't ever go away.

And if you go,
Then don't forget to take me with you.

Let's survive together,
Outside the world of superficial. .

Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Ultimate Best

Waring in the battle,
Save you with my soul.
Protect you from my sin's,
And defending off the world.
Left no fight for the win,
But those blows flew mighty when
They fused with the wind.
Pain is only weakness,
Leaving your body.
Let it all go,
Make it empty on me.
I'll take away,
What hurts the most.
Heal each wound,
And bring our body's close.
Feel your scars now,
Understand what your pain is.
Let it all leave in a forgotten cloud,
And remember what my name is.
This is from me to you,
I'm not perfect but I'll try.
I'll do my ultimate best,
To keep them tears from those eyes. .

Eyes Of Light

I didn’t want to admit it,
It was easier to lie.
Hide the hurt and emptiness,
To smile instead of cry.
As much as I endured,
The love melted away my heart.
Sweet strawberry lava goo,
Infected where I was normally smart.
I caught a new breath,
Off every thought of you.
The images in my mind,
Made my blood bubble too.
Chemical reaction to this romance,
Love so tight I wore it as my pants.
What started out as a new friend,
Makes me not want to reach thee end.
I want a 'continue ?'
With the nine seconds like street fighter.
And this will never be over,
I promise you and I'll squeeze tighter.
Every time we get a chance to hug,
Even if every one else is against us, fuck.
We'll never have to worry about them,
I will never believe those lies.
I know all I need to know girl.
I never need to see the sun again,
there's enough light in your eyes.
To light up all the world. .

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ocean Of Wasted Emotions

As it turns out
The wrongs I was in
Happened to be right

All the secrets you held
Couldn't hide from the light
And to think for you.. I would fight?
..A nation ..A army

If I had to
I would've taken any bullet
That was meant for you
But now..
Right now..
That is no longer a thought
Deleting as the words flow
All the memories I will soon let go

And all I want you to know
Is.. My love for you? is dying slow

My hearts broken, I shed no tears
To much pain inside to be weak
I'm strong, smart and I'm unique

Ill find someone who'll defeat
The hatred you've left me with
They'll take me somewhere
You'll never see fit

But by then you'll be forgotten
Away from you, your hearts rotten
From the inside out
Your emotions runs cold

Freezing your soul
Leaving a black hole

And so I've learned
Its life and shit happens

No more scenes or commotion
I'm diving in head first

Back into..
..The ocean of wasted emotions

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I look back on those days
That held me and made me notice.

There's more than one way to be happy
Depending on a source of forever love

Not the smarted choice but I believed.
Without you its a waste of time

Endless thoughts of you in my mind.
Of a future so perfect right

But hard to reach, so out of sight.
I couldn't let go of what I had

And without it, all emotions was sad.
But I did. .

Set what was once mine, free.
Into a world that promises six feet

To live a life without me
I cried at night, lonely.

Because all I wanted
Was for you to hold me.

And time went on, so did my mind.
Building walls of iron steel

To protect any way I were to feel.
No one could get in

And I ? Well there's no way out
Trapped inside an ocean of doubt

And minimized the girls that stuck out.
I've missed. .

The way it used to feel
To not worry about something real.

To trust and love
Without second thought

To have faith in and to care for
The woman I dream about.

Man, life was good
Well enough to be happy.

Now I'm worried, there's all these risk
I need the life back that I've missed. .

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Beautiful Death

Switch blades and hand grenades
Bullet wounds for whom ?
None are assigned

It can kill at anytime
Take a life more than twice
Just to keep you alive
Now your awake

Look at that body's mistake
It should have moved away from faith
Too slow, they lose
Adjust to survive stupid fools

Tree eighty revolver
Long nose, all black
Or anything with a kick back
Who would know how to react
Just let your brain go
Let it all blow away
Dead instantly ? whoa no way. .

Ever took a plane and wondered
What would it be like if it blew up?
Blazing fire raising higher
A raging wave owing slaves

To the death you will cave
If your lucky you would jump

Soaring towards earth's surface
Finding out your life's true purpose

Was just to end it all fantastically
But I will not say this dramatically

We all have to die, tragedy . .
It doesn't matter how you live your life

Happy, sad, ungrateful, mad ?
Pretty, sexy, good, bad ?

You take what you can get
Because we all will die a beautiful death. .

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hospital Bed

Laying here listening to the beeps
Checking my heart rate as It beats
All I feel is this incredible pain
My chest, my back, aren't even the same
My blood slowly leaks
From everywhere
Inside and out
No blood to spare
Could hardly see
Just heard the syrin
Ready to rescue me

They counted, stabbed nine to eleven times
Two major

Blood in my lungs
And too many I V cables

They numbed me up
And stuck a tube in me

It hurt like hell
If only you knew baby

No more cat scans !
I felt like killing that asian man

Now staying over night
Crippled on this cold bed

But not dead nor alone
Choosing to leave you unknown

Stitched up and sewn
And all I wanna do is go home

So many pills
So many drugs
More morphine
I Needed all of thee above

My family came and so did she
All supported and took care of me
I'm getting better
Soon the tube will be removed

And I'll breathe on my own
Without having to use
This mechanical pump
Which saved my life

When I was all slumped
So many thoughts lost in my head
I just wanna go home
And be out of this hospital bed. .

Monday, June 7, 2010

Three and counting

Bullets fallen between the earth
From the guns that left the hurt
Upon the families who never knew
Of the pain the streets could really do
I've lost a friend or maybe two
Rest in peace to you know who
Your heart gave out on you one day
I wasn't around but I heard them say
You was walking, looked up
Grabbed your chest as you stopped
Looked as if you had no air
Couldn't be saved as if they cared
And to the ground you went
Your time here, wasn't well spent.
One and counting. .

Making money wasn't easy
You hustle hard, for real my nizzie
Getting older pushing more work
Shooting at them niggas
You were always alert
Caught you slipping
Hit like three times
Do you see why
This was street wise
In the end, yeah yo he died.
It hit us deep, yeah yo we cried.
Two and counting. .

Even though I never knew you
Hearing you was murdered
Shit hurt like needles
Shot ten times
It was a set up
I wish you wasn't gone
Brother please get up
Can you hear me
Are you there
Bless your soul
Heaven is near.
I'm done now, can't go on
I'm feeling all types of torn.
Back to the day I was born
I was alone and now your gone.
Three and counting. .

Monday, May 24, 2010

Night Terrors

I woke up and you weren't there,
This dream I had made me really scared.

The times that you should be around,
Your at home with a smile that's upside down.

Are you afraid that you'll know,
What you already know?

The things you hide may always show,
Each lie is written very slow,

In an open book that may never close.
I just wanna be loved forever more,

Please don't break my heart anymore.

With your absence emotions,
And your cold reply's.
How am I suppose to know,
What your actions imply.

Are you leaving? do I go?
Are you staying? let me know.

I can't take it, baby no.
Just stay here, never let go.

In this dream I got hurt bad,
Lost my memories, yeah real sad.

I was in some place,
Where people ignored me.

With their high pride and egos,
They couldn't see me though.

No hospital, No nothing.
Funny thing is, I woke up running.

Like what the fuck was that about?
My whole life was in a black out.

An all mighty force shut off my brain,
Clearly there was no greater pain.

Except for that empty feeling,
Where you once were.

Your home in my heart,
Is now a dumpster.

Fill me in again because I miss you,
Ignite my world as I kiss you.

Make it all better with your touch,
Being happy with you wouldn't take much.

I knew it was a dream,
By time I woke up.

But now it has my heart beating crazy,
And my mind all fucked up.
No monsters, no killers
Just these abnormal night terrors. .

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Naked Truth

With in those shadows
Your luscious frame emerged
Sexy written in each curve

Turning me on I begin to grow
And soon enough it starts to show
You give a smile, which let's me know

Its a natural flow as we go
With our heart beats
We move our feet

Closer and closer
Our skin meets
Lips so soft also sweet

We kiss and was lifted instantly

Lay you down spread em wide
Eating up your insides
Your turn now open wide
Suck it slow blow my mind
Fuck that now let's sixty nine

Ill slide inside reaching deep
Trying to make out
The broken words you speak
Yeah right there hit the spot
Now get that ass on the top

Ride it slow ride it fast
Let me see you clap that ass
Fuck me hard fuck me soft
Fuck me like your at a lost
You need that win

To feel complete
Bend over now
And take in this meat
Bite the pillows pull up the sheets
Scream my name out into the streets

Let em' all know how I do
And who this pussy belongs too
Feel the wrath of my dick

Show me your special magic trick

Make it disappear inside of you
Mmm it feels so good
I wouldn't lie boo

In front the mirror

My favorite place
Where you show me
Your sexy fuck face

I know your cumming

But I'm far from done
Get up on there I've just begun
Now I go super human

Pick you up and insert the fusion

Creating a wild beast
A vicious foe at the very least
Hippie going super saiyan

Taking over your fucking brain

Continuous low blows
Making all your juices flow
Here it comes I'm letting go

Wait for part two and you'll really know. .

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I lay my head on her chest
No heart beat to be found

Body so cold
I begin to worry now

Lifeless beauty
Wake up for me

I know your there
Open your eyes up to me

Give me a smile

Let me know your ok
I'm giving you reason to stay

Here with me in this world
Don't you leave me here alone girl

It is you that I live for
So come back to me once more

For those high nights
And smokey days

That always puts us
In such a phase

Always smiling in a daze
Floating away so to say

Could not explain in any way
Its just so great in every way

And with you its endless
Just wish you would understand

You leave and I'm a lonely man
Here look hold my hand

Squeeze it when you hear my voice
When ever you choose to make that choice

Ill be here waiting for you
Stuck like glue embedded to you
. .

Saturday, April 3, 2010


A game of charades
Who am I
I can't act this out
I live the lie
And I've seen
Of those that follow
Into an endless world of sorrow
Living on hopes of tomorrow
Not knowing
Life. .
Is only borrowed
The unbreakable promise
How can we
Rise above this
As if adam and eve
Hadn't cursed us all
A mistake they've made
Has given us all, faith to fall
To parish
Into oblivion
What after life is their in the end

Everyone I meet
Seems to defeat
All my hopes of them being
Different in ways
Even I couldn't imaged
Their all the same
By time the day is finished
I've been fooled before
But never again
I don't have people
That I call my friend

Only family
That's all I've kept with me
Those outsiders
Are out to get you
Behind each mask
Is where they pretend to
Be all that you've expect
once the mask is removed
Your only left with regret
I changed the charades
To a game of spades
Still counting books so
afraid ?
Under by three
I'm taking my leave now
Don't follow me. .

Monday, March 22, 2010


Lonely nights again
I'm rolled up, smoke
Yeah, high again
Drug movements
I'm not addicted
I just like the way it feels
When I'm lifted
And then I think of you
And how happy you make me
And all the times you say you hate me

Each pull brought a thought
To a fragmentation of some sort
So much talent trapped inside
I wanna share what I must hide
My mind my soul my ability
To let my expressions free
To run while loose in the air
But like the smoke from this blunt
It will disappear

Forgotten, no
But who will care
No ears to hear
No one there
Nothing to be upset about
So I sit here by my window
Every night just to look out
At the world beyond it
Wondering why I'm still on it

I wish to fly
I wish the sky
Could be my ride
I saw a star
Above a car
And so I smiled
I don't know why
But it caught my eye
So I tried
To embrace it in every way I could
And the night went on
As any other would

But this is just my thoughts
What does it matter anyway
What's so different
Its just as any other day
Night after night
Same old thing
I got to better my self
And grow my wings
I hope you understand my words
Cause I can't really sing
To my last pull I think of you
Laying in my highness resting
If only you could be here

But my wishes never come true. .

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Voice of a broken heart

Listen to me as I speak
For once bare with me
I'm still a little weak

Silence. .
I am a power source
Found with in this vessel
Of a broken man

As I beat
I give off life
With every pulse
To every finger in a hand

Pulling together
Every muscle, every bone
Every vein with in this man
I stay
I motivate
I keep going
I intake
I feed off
Negative and positive
Brought from the fight
Of this mans enemies
I've felt what they've done to him

Surprised that he hasn't
Used this gun kill
Girl after girl
They come and go

Leaving with a piece of me
Destroying my fucking world
Why oh
why ?
ow !
That shit hurts
Wish I could be emotionless
Sorry didn't mean to curse

Its dark in here
But I continue to shine
Giving this man hope
Stopping the tears he used to cry

A crack down the middle hasn't stopped me
Its made me stronger than an athlete
All the drugs that he's done
Hasn't slowed me down

I can move like neo
After reloaded now
I may be alone in this
But life is to short for forgiveness

I move him on to the next
Until happiness is found
I won't be a fool nor made a clown

This is my story
I hope you paid attention to the sound

Of my voice
But goodbye for now. .

Your Gone

I've hit rock bottom I'm done for,
I can't get back up on my feet to live anymore.
I've been hurt bad inflected with pain,
lost everything that has kept me sane.
All I have left is thoughts and memories,
that has also appeared in my dreams.
Having me thinking that every things okay,
but when I wake up in my bed alone is where I lay.
Because your not here with me to hold me,
your not here to help me see.
To help me feel that special feeling,
that I'm a sucker for and still I believe in.
It because you made it real,
able for me to really feel.
But now there's nothing left,
and I'm slowing down losing my breath.
Because the pains to much,
alone here without your touch.
Hurting now because your gone,
dying inside because my hearts torn. .

Friday, February 19, 2010


All the stress that I'm going through,
has all been released into.
Sweet pain and it feels so nice,
each time I cut my self with this dreadful knife.

The blood drips down on to the floor,
each drop holds a problem I don't have anymore.
I feel so relaxed after the knife rips,
right through my skin leaving it like open lips.
Spitting out the toxic blood of hate,
it feels so right this can't be a mistake.
Laying back on my bed to close my eyes,
as the blood flows out I feel an up rise.
No more stress as the pain takes over,
I couldn't have took the stress much longer.
All this stress that I'm going through,
has all been released into.
This beautiful pain that's so terrific,
I'm a cutter no need to be specific.
Stitch me up let me heal,
seal out the hurt that I hated to feel.
I couldn't deal,
but it was real.
The blood,
The knife,
The tears,
Lonely nights.
I'm over it this is me,
I can't help but dig in deep.
Ripping flesh and loosing blood,
scared of what I've become.
But that was then and this is now,
then was yesterday but I'm ok now.
I think. .
while I'm here cleaning the sink.
Hiding this thing that I've done,
cleaning my knife off before I head in the tub.
I'm not proud but what can I say to make this better,
I'm escaping my stress as a happy cutter. .