Monday, May 24, 2010

Night Terrors

I woke up and you weren't there,
This dream I had made me really scared.

The times that you should be around,
Your at home with a smile that's upside down.

Are you afraid that you'll know,
What you already know?

The things you hide may always show,
Each lie is written very slow,

In an open book that may never close.
I just wanna be loved forever more,

Please don't break my heart anymore.

With your absence emotions,
And your cold reply's.
How am I suppose to know,
What your actions imply.

Are you leaving? do I go?
Are you staying? let me know.

I can't take it, baby no.
Just stay here, never let go.

In this dream I got hurt bad,
Lost my memories, yeah real sad.

I was in some place,
Where people ignored me.

With their high pride and egos,
They couldn't see me though.

No hospital, No nothing.
Funny thing is, I woke up running.

Like what the fuck was that about?
My whole life was in a black out.

An all mighty force shut off my brain,
Clearly there was no greater pain.

Except for that empty feeling,
Where you once were.

Your home in my heart,
Is now a dumpster.

Fill me in again because I miss you,
Ignite my world as I kiss you.

Make it all better with your touch,
Being happy with you wouldn't take much.

I knew it was a dream,
By time I woke up.

But now it has my heart beating crazy,
And my mind all fucked up.
No monsters, no killers
Just these abnormal night terrors. .

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