Monday, June 21, 2010

Hospital Bed

Laying here listening to the beeps
Checking my heart rate as It beats
All I feel is this incredible pain
My chest, my back, aren't even the same
My blood slowly leaks
From everywhere
Inside and out
No blood to spare
Could hardly see
Just heard the syrin
Ready to rescue me

They counted, stabbed nine to eleven times
Two major

Blood in my lungs
And too many I V cables

They numbed me up
And stuck a tube in me

It hurt like hell
If only you knew baby

No more cat scans !
I felt like killing that asian man

Now staying over night
Crippled on this cold bed

But not dead nor alone
Choosing to leave you unknown

Stitched up and sewn
And all I wanna do is go home

So many pills
So many drugs
More morphine
I Needed all of thee above

My family came and so did she
All supported and took care of me
I'm getting better
Soon the tube will be removed

And I'll breathe on my own
Without having to use
This mechanical pump
Which saved my life

When I was all slumped
So many thoughts lost in my head
I just wanna go home
And be out of this hospital bed. .

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