Saturday, July 31, 2010


I look back on those days
That held me and made me notice.

There's more than one way to be happy
Depending on a source of forever love

Not the smarted choice but I believed.
Without you its a waste of time

Endless thoughts of you in my mind.
Of a future so perfect right

But hard to reach, so out of sight.
I couldn't let go of what I had

And without it, all emotions was sad.
But I did. .

Set what was once mine, free.
Into a world that promises six feet

To live a life without me
I cried at night, lonely.

Because all I wanted
Was for you to hold me.

And time went on, so did my mind.
Building walls of iron steel

To protect any way I were to feel.
No one could get in

And I ? Well there's no way out
Trapped inside an ocean of doubt

And minimized the girls that stuck out.
I've missed. .

The way it used to feel
To not worry about something real.

To trust and love
Without second thought

To have faith in and to care for
The woman I dream about.

Man, life was good
Well enough to be happy.

Now I'm worried, there's all these risk
I need the life back that I've missed. .


  1. I<3 your poem weird 1.I feel you tremendously

  2. niceeeeee =) .. im so gonna use one ah dem lines somewhere lol