Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eyes Of Light

I didn’t want to admit it,
It was easier to lie.
Hide the hurt and emptiness,
To smile instead of cry.
As much as I endured,
The love melted away my heart.
Sweet strawberry lava goo,
Infected where I was normally smart.
I caught a new breath,
Off every thought of you.
The images in my mind,
Made my blood bubble too.
Chemical reaction to this romance,
Love so tight I wore it as my pants.
What started out as a new friend,
Makes me not want to reach thee end.
I want a 'continue ?'
With the nine seconds like street fighter.
And this will never be over,
I promise you and I'll squeeze tighter.
Every time we get a chance to hug,
Even if every one else is against us, fuck.
We'll never have to worry about them,
I will never believe those lies.
I know all I need to know girl.
I never need to see the sun again,
there's enough light in your eyes.
To light up all the world. .

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