Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It's like the first time
We've ever spoken
First time I heard your voice
First time you opened up
The first time I made this choice
To just say nothing
And just listen
To your problems
To your pain
The first time ever
We felt the same
I held you close
To stop the tears
You mumbled away
But I still cared
Enough to make out the words
You left on my chest
Written in your cries
I did my best
This is what every woman wants
A man that listens
To their problems
To their day
To their anger
To their pain
It doesn't matter what
Just listen
Find out something new
At every intermission
Of her words
Feel the emotions
In every verb
Of her voices sorrow
Talk all night
Into tomorrow
I'd still be here
My time is not borrowed
It isn't spent
It is priceless
In any event
That I am needed
By you
Baby girl it is true
How I feel
I am here
It's time to heal
Let it out
Speak to me
Let me comprehend
I'll understand
Ill be a friend
I'll be the man
To correct those things
Believe it girl
I'm listening. .


  1. you be knowing. it's so simple. just listen.

  2. Under the tatts your human with emotion o_O Real nice.. you dancing hippie weird Ninja :)

  3. and one day the listening stops
    the guy gets tired

    and the girl is again left alone... crying