Monday, January 25, 2010


I have been infected
But this isn't the first time
I thought I was protected
Ugh, this dreadful curse of mine
My hearts reluctant to fight
Gives up all will and all might
Its to late now I've lost sight
Of what's wrong and right

L !
The first letter
Oh but wait it gets better
This is stage one
Where things begun.

O !
The second
Where you start to see
That theirs a difference in me.

V !
The third
Where every word
And every verb
Has now transformed and disturbed
The mental.

E !
The fourth and final
Where you'd do anything
To have what you want
Theirs no denial.

I've accepted this faith
I've achieved something great
You try and stop me?
Ill kill for
L.O.V.E's sake
Its owns me
It controls me
My minds stuck
I'm a zombie

I'm not so dead
I'm more than alive
If this is heaven
I shall grow wings to fly

So happy so complete
I am whole now
I can not face defeat
But now I'm in to deep

What if it leaves?
And I become weak
Will I bounce back
Upon my feet?
What if I'm hurt
The pain would just will kill
My entire life source
No one will have any remorse
I can't take it
Rip it out now
Take it away
Shut it down

Its to intense
I must commence
Into a new light
Who's done this to me
Ill rid them from this world
Karma's reenactment
I will embrace upon them
Make them feel
What I did how I did
When the disease spreads

Murderer !
Killer !

L.O.V.E's Grim reaper !
Pretty soon
Ill have deceased needs
And then maybe I'd be rid
Of this dreadful disease. .



  2. Speechless.. you make it sound so bad, but ummm so good

  3. This is wonderfull terell