Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ocean Of Wasted Emotions

As it turns out
The wrongs I was in
Happened to be right

All the secrets you held
Couldn't hide from the light
And to think for you.. I would fight?
..A nation ..A army

If I had to
I would've taken any bullet
That was meant for you
But now..
Right now..
That is no longer a thought
Deleting as the words flow
All the memories I will soon let go

And all I want you to know
Is.. My love for you? is dying slow

My hearts broken, I shed no tears
To much pain inside to be weak
I'm strong, smart and I'm unique

Ill find someone who'll defeat
The hatred you've left me with
They'll take me somewhere
You'll never see fit

But by then you'll be forgotten
Away from you, your hearts rotten
From the inside out
Your emotions runs cold

Freezing your soul
Leaving a black hole

And so I've learned
Its life and shit happens

No more scenes or commotion
I'm diving in head first

Back into..
..The ocean of wasted emotions

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