Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fairy Tale

And here is my heart,
Which beats only for you.
And I wouldn't lie,

My heart beats the honest truth.
I love you, not for what you are,
But for what I am when I'm with you.

Once in awhile,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.

No necessary happy ending needed,
Just the joy and the thrill of it,
The ups, downs and feel of it.

Found your happiness,
Now could you imagine losing it ?
Man I would just die !

Not so literal.
These thoughts,
Just seem to slip out my mental.

Lost the key to a best friend who
Sold me lies, I believed, and was fooled.

That's why you're here,
You made sure you cared.

So I live with a forgotten past,
No longer scared.

My protective shield,
Everything we felt, was real.

And nothing would ever compare
To you my awesome dear.

She didn't have to be the prettiest girl,
As long as her love, was beautiful.

And knowing that she was my world,
My happiness is now, suitable. .

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