Friday, January 21, 2011


Watering your feelings
With this love I possess,
And may it reach deep enough
To GROW that heart in your chest.

Let my mouth do the talking
As my tongue does the rest,
Sucking poisonous sorrow
Straight form its depths.
Freeing your veins
From its dry spell,
Unlocking your brain
From where it dwells.

Let these fingers soften the skin
That has been beaten
And bruised,
The healing must begin.
Cut off all of what has died,
Get back to the roots
And reach up towards the sky
Because all we'll ever need
Is for that sun to fucking shine.

As we grow
Our love will rise,
Bloom in to the air
As we pretend to fly.
Coloring with our love
Until Its not just you and I,
Soon one day
At some point and time
After nine months has gone by
Our love will have GROWN
Into a little child. .

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