Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Heart First

I'm good at pretending,
Fooling myself along with others.
Almost believing the show I put on
Never wasting my moments,
From days that have gone
I've been making improvements.

The mind and soul heals
Pain that my heart wishes to ignore,
Cold blooded is how it feels
When all hopes become nomore.
Everyone wants in
And when they get it ?

Your just another who fell.
Heart first into a desired reality,
Replaying within your mind.
Waking up to morning shine,
But sleep alone all the time.
All this sorrow fills the bed,
Creeping up your spine.
You'll never be the same again,
But you pretend like lifes all fine.

Its really just dark and empty
Your missing deep inside,
It used to be warm and happy
Couldn't forget how to smile.
It was all I had
All I needed for a little while.
So when things got bad
I knew how to get on by.
Now its different
Cant tell the truth from a lie,
Stuck with second thoughts
Why do I live for these try's ?
When all I want is a final,
A definite you and I.

Moonlight lovers, tree huggers.
free in the air, playing in my hair.
No ” maybe someday's ”
Or blinds over are eye's,
I want our love to shine as clear
As the sun in those sky's.

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