Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inside Out

Fighting for love
In my solitude,
Inner battles rage -
Need some peace to get a hold of,
Smiles floating all around my mood.
Soon the war will be over.

Love rising like tides beneath a moon.
This heart in me,
Has uncontrollable needs for you.
Follow your destiny and i will guide.
It just isn't fair to be so cold inside,
My poor love's already
Entangled deep in my pride.

Instructions with the love I send,
Teachings of the perfect blend.
So within the living flesh
That animates our bodily frame,
Laying your head on my chest
Allowing you to pump freely through my veins.

Corruption. . Depression !

The pain, that shortly followed.
A life crying out !
For a new beginning tomorrow.
And that, may never come.
Failing to realize how deep I'd fallen,
All decisions were being made
From deep within this organ.

At my weakest I gained the strength,
To put on a life I slowly bent
And soon broke free from.
All this time spent
Locked away in my mind,
Planning out my escape
Into a world not fully fine.

And would only belong to me
My special place.
Something only I could see,
My life at a better pace
Only way I'd want it to be.
It is not a race,
Because in the end there is just death.
You wouldn't wanna live a life,
You could easily forget.

Seemed to survived
With lost of regret,
Flashbacks of the lovely days
From back when we met.
I'll remember your lessons
Yes I've learned,
Forever scarred on my heart
Is you ! That girl. .

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