Thursday, February 4, 2010

In The Rain

The sky is getting cloudy and darker,
no wind is blowing and it kind but uh.
Cool outside and I'm with you girl,
on this bench viewing the world.
I feel a drop of water on my arm,
its about to rain but hey its no harm.
I know your freaky so thoughts are coming to my head,
so much things we can do even without a bed.
It starts to drizzle and then it pours,
but I look at you and your all wet damn what more.
Could I ask for girl but you,
I guess its time to make some dreams come true.

You get on top of me kissing on my neck sucking on my lips,
while I just enjoy it and hold your hips.
Running my hands all over you beautiful body,
thank god everyone's inside so there's nobody.
Outside watching us make love,
I rip your shirt off and watch as your breast hung above.
I slowly licked your hard nipples and soft breast,
as the rain water ran off your chest.
Your moans drives me while turning me on,
I slowly took my dick out so you could hop on.
But before you did you took off my shirt then,
licking me from my neck down to my friend.
Sucking on me nice and slow as I laid back,
on the bench as I react.
To the good sensation of your tongue on my manhood,
made it so hard and straight like a big piece of wood.
I guess this was a special treatment or something,
but for what hm I had nothing.
Oh my god it felt so good with the addition of the rain,
this can drive any man insane.
she stops before I came,
and told me "baby make me scream your name".
I took off her pants and laid her down,
and slowly went from her chest down.
But as soon I could even lick her,
she stopped me and said no she want me in her.
I didn't bother to fight her choice,
I just listen and followed the directions of her sweet voice.

I slide in her warm thick and wet insides,
at the same time I closed my eyes.
So there we were making sweet love in the rain,
what could be more better than to drain.
All of my energy into this girl in front of me,
that I could tell really wanted to see.
What I had in me so I gave her my all,
her legs warped around me as the rain falls.
Our two wet bodies soaking,
but we're still going no lie I'm not even joking.
Each stroke I made inside of this beautiful lady,
made me feel a way that maybe.
I would never feel again,
but then again this never had to end.
We switch and she's on top riding me so damn good,
blowing my mind I wish she could.
Feel what she's doing to me,
up and down grinding on me.
Oh shit I feel it now I'm about to cum,
she's screaming my name I'm feeling her juices run.
Down on to my dick its so warm,
her legs shaking and her mind gone.
Her eyes rolls back as she loses control,
going so fast I nutted and my body squirm.
Under her damn I'm worn out,
she stops and drops on me laid out.
She kissed me as it slowly stops to rain,
my heart is pumping I could feel it in my veins.
We get dress and lay back on the bench and look,
to the sky as the sun came out and took.
All the darkness away,
it felt kind ah good in a way.
A feeling that made their no such word as pain,
only a special experience in the rain. .

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