Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

If my heart could sing
You would be its favorite song
All night
And all day long
You would play
Like a repeated mp3
On a loved charged battery.
That's how it used to be
Back when you was there for me
By my side, you cared
Now your gone, I'm scared.

To be alone
To have lost you
Remember the rose?
I renounced to you
Walking by
Caught my eye
I knew it was
A special sign
It stood out of the dead few
I picked it just for you
It was beautiful times two

The smile you gave was priceless boo
I couldn't afford it if I tried to.
I wonder now
How are you?
Did things change?
I'd like to find you.
Are you alone?
Or are you happy?
Are you better off
In a life without me?

I wish I could tell
I don't want to think the worst
Maybe your alright
Maybe I wasn't your first
Crush that you lust
Yeah we had something special trust.
Where did it all go though?
Was it my fault?
Did I not do everything you asked
Was it that one night?
Could we go back
And do it again
I promise you
All my time I would spend
With you
Would be a special trend
Day in and day out
You would comprehend
My love for you
Is much more than times ten
I'd name the day after you
A whole day for you to be happy boo
Every February 14
We would celebrate
Slowly read the words I say
Cause I love you, today is yours
So happy valentine's day
Give me back what I've lost. .

1 comment:

  1. omigawd!! i have no words for this.

    it's a straight from your heart post.
    i can so relate to this ...i can feel what the guy is feeling here ...sigh!!!