Friday, February 19, 2010


All the stress that I'm going through,
has all been released into.
Sweet pain and it feels so nice,
each time I cut my self with this dreadful knife.

The blood drips down on to the floor,
each drop holds a problem I don't have anymore.
I feel so relaxed after the knife rips,
right through my skin leaving it like open lips.
Spitting out the toxic blood of hate,
it feels so right this can't be a mistake.
Laying back on my bed to close my eyes,
as the blood flows out I feel an up rise.
No more stress as the pain takes over,
I couldn't have took the stress much longer.
All this stress that I'm going through,
has all been released into.
This beautiful pain that's so terrific,
I'm a cutter no need to be specific.
Stitch me up let me heal,
seal out the hurt that I hated to feel.
I couldn't deal,
but it was real.
The blood,
The knife,
The tears,
Lonely nights.
I'm over it this is me,
I can't help but dig in deep.
Ripping flesh and loosing blood,
scared of what I've become.
But that was then and this is now,
then was yesterday but I'm ok now.
I think. .
while I'm here cleaning the sink.
Hiding this thing that I've done,
cleaning my knife off before I head in the tub.
I'm not proud but what can I say to make this better,
I'm escaping my stress as a happy cutter. .


  1. Woah.. I like the imagery.. Wow... I really like it..

  2. i loved this 1, im kinda new to this blog thing. check mine out