Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Voice of a broken heart

Listen to me as I speak
For once bare with me
I'm still a little weak

Silence. .
I am a power source
Found with in this vessel
Of a broken man

As I beat
I give off life
With every pulse
To every finger in a hand

Pulling together
Every muscle, every bone
Every vein with in this man
I stay
I motivate
I keep going
I intake
I feed off
Negative and positive
Brought from the fight
Of this mans enemies
I've felt what they've done to him

Surprised that he hasn't
Used this gun kill
Girl after girl
They come and go

Leaving with a piece of me
Destroying my fucking world
Why oh
why ?
ow !
That shit hurts
Wish I could be emotionless
Sorry didn't mean to curse

Its dark in here
But I continue to shine
Giving this man hope
Stopping the tears he used to cry

A crack down the middle hasn't stopped me
Its made me stronger than an athlete
All the drugs that he's done
Hasn't slowed me down

I can move like neo
After reloaded now
I may be alone in this
But life is to short for forgiveness

I move him on to the next
Until happiness is found
I won't be a fool nor made a clown

This is my story
I hope you paid attention to the sound

Of my voice
But goodbye for now. .

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