Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Your Gone

I've hit rock bottom I'm done for,
I can't get back up on my feet to live anymore.
I've been hurt bad inflected with pain,
lost everything that has kept me sane.
All I have left is thoughts and memories,
that has also appeared in my dreams.
Having me thinking that every things okay,
but when I wake up in my bed alone is where I lay.
Because your not here with me to hold me,
your not here to help me see.
To help me feel that special feeling,
that I'm a sucker for and still I believe in.
It because you made it real,
able for me to really feel.
But now there's nothing left,
and I'm slowing down losing my breath.
Because the pains to much,
alone here without your touch.
Hurting now because your gone,
dying inside because my hearts torn. .

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