Monday, March 22, 2010


Lonely nights again
I'm rolled up, smoke
Yeah, high again
Drug movements
I'm not addicted
I just like the way it feels
When I'm lifted
And then I think of you
And how happy you make me
And all the times you say you hate me

Each pull brought a thought
To a fragmentation of some sort
So much talent trapped inside
I wanna share what I must hide
My mind my soul my ability
To let my expressions free
To run while loose in the air
But like the smoke from this blunt
It will disappear

Forgotten, no
But who will care
No ears to hear
No one there
Nothing to be upset about
So I sit here by my window
Every night just to look out
At the world beyond it
Wondering why I'm still on it

I wish to fly
I wish the sky
Could be my ride
I saw a star
Above a car
And so I smiled
I don't know why
But it caught my eye
So I tried
To embrace it in every way I could
And the night went on
As any other would

But this is just my thoughts
What does it matter anyway
What's so different
Its just as any other day
Night after night
Same old thing
I got to better my self
And grow my wings
I hope you understand my words
Cause I can't really sing
To my last pull I think of you
Laying in my highness resting
If only you could be here

But my wishes never come true. .

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