Sunday, March 6, 2011


Its a funny thing,
I've met you and my whole life changed.
A girl I thought couldn't have exist,
Appeared and now controls
My whole mind state.

I'm going through a lot,
Her and this someone
Who doesn't want to go away
Is making this what we would rather not
Have between us ..miner issues
That deceives us,
Arguments that leaves us
Upset after the fact that we've cussed.
Forgetting what's to be discuss,
But we wont let it lead us
Cause what we have exceeds lust.

A powerful feeling
That we both trust,
Feeling it in our tummy's
As our bones turn all gummy.
Nervous to say
What we are enduring,
But its all happy feelings
That's reassuring.
As we looked at each others smile
With no reasons why,
Just standing there
Shaking in our butterflies. .

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