Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unfamiliar Territory

Its not worth chewing through,
These straps are invisible.
No light, just sounds
Leading to my unhappy frowns.
Lost in thought,
Unfamiliar territory.
The world ..which floats in the sky,
Was now on a plummet
From my highs.
And surfacing to my lows.
Now that's an open mind,
I can feel the breeze flowing through me,
Eyes remain closed
Air seeping through my nose.
Hitting the ground
I Listen to my bones break
As they dance and shake,
Every feeling felt late
Bringing me down.
I hit the top of no bottom
Stuck circling the sun,
Long way from home
Gravity has won.
Not of their kind
Alien nor human,
Blanks which can't be filled
Even if I knew em'
Cursed by this planet
Unable to live free, yes happily.
I opened my eyes to
A short walk in the light of the world,
..Questioning mentally
Was this really meant for me ?

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