Sunday, May 1, 2011

Giant In The Sky

Look up!
That's where I'm at.
In these skies
Spacious and wide,
Smiles as my height
Towered over your eyes.
Shaping everything
Besides sunned outlined,
Self-luminous heavenly body
Providing the light that guides me.
Through the shading in your soul
Goddess of mine
Soon, I'll be taking you home.
If held any closer
On the other side of you,
I'd be.
Already thinking of a way
To get back inside of thee.
Rising oceans, waving seas
Rivers moving ever so silently.
Getting closer by all means,
Got gravitation on its knees.
All the space for all your needs,
Its my universe
So please have the tendency
To fall up into me.
And we'll descend in reverse,
Back up and away
From all that's cursed.
Its just you, I
And some uncontrollable smiles,
We've no worries in these skies. .

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