Sunday, May 1, 2011

Your Love Changed Me

The things that used to be,
Are no longer a sight to see.
Do you know what you've did,
You hurt me,
Deep inside the casing of my ribs.
Enclosing my safekeeping's now,
Somewhere best well hid,
I'm just trying to relieve this
How ?
This pain, I must forbid.
Wasn't all bad though
There were good times,
They continuously died slow
Masked behind my awkward smiles.
I was comfortable , stupid
And so used to your love.
Advantages ..Taken
Then vanquished with your hugs,
And unforgettable sex.
This love brought a new
Whole being out of me,
You even had me thinking
So properly.
And focused on the bigger picture
Kids, moving away,
Even a ring on one of those little fingers.
I found my self
Lost and lonely without your presence,
Cause it was you only
Who I once shared my
Concentrated form of spiritual essence.
Night till day till another night
Together high,
Gas mask, bong, hooka, pipe
We had all the things to get our minds right.
Those memories will remain
All these things has made a change,
Never will get to see the day
You remove my name
But that's just skin
I linger forever deep inside your brain.
So what's missing ?
My innermost center of emotion,
Four chambers pumping devotion.
Sided left of my chest is the organ,
That has died and remains frozen.
The fact that I'm still alive,
Only proves that I lived, I survived
Through out all of your lies.
It still gets under my cells and skin,
Eating away at layers deep with in.
Why couldn't we have stopped this then
Maybe we really did need this “end”
Because now,
I can't even see you friend.
All we've been through
Our worlds were at war,
The years , I count two
But it seems like so much more.
Lessons learned, embedded to remember
I love and must forget you
My heart, can no longer be surrendered. .

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