Sunday, May 1, 2011

Safe Sex ?

So lame and boring,
We engage malicious
I'm fucking your walls in.
Pounding out
Our rough aggression,
We make the most
Of every session.
Passion sets the bed on fire,
Every time the flames
Burn higher.
And I Melt deep,
Yes pushing all up inside ya'
Youth and beauty
May diminish,
But we’ll be ashes
When we’re finished.
Moans of pleasure
And guttural screams,
Getting our nuts
By what ever the means.
Point where your thighs meet
Why is it so potent?
Covered in diamond
Platinum drips,
Turbulent motion
Yeah girl, you working those hips.
I've reached the ocean
Setting it free,
Massive explosions,
Your cumming just for me.
High tidal waves, beautiful notions.
Low her sea floor
Holy body of water,
Pussy leaking more
I'm all up in it ..raw
Listening to the moans
Break from your jaw,
Riding down skin
Which you rip with your claws.
Drumming my ear with your tongue
Signing your name at the end,
Tattooed like the gun.
Inhaled deep
As my dick surfed your walls,
Consumed in your cum.
In my self defense
I had to let out one,
To call it all even
We're private part sprung.
This is just one of how many
Endless parts,
That has yet to begun. .

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