Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Love

Let me explain baby
About what you make me feel
And how you have me
Deep in this forreal
I know I be stressing you
I know I make you cry
I know I hurt you alot
But let me explain why
Sometimes I be jealous
Sometimes I be scared
Sometimes I be mad
Sometimes losing you
Is what I mostly feared
Do you know why
I care for you so much
Do you know why
You mean so much
Do you know why
I love you so much
Do you know why
Why your so special
Because your my everything
Because you come first
Because your my wife
And because your my life
I live for you and your smile
I live for the look in your eyes
I live for your happiness
And I live just so you can know this
I want to be the reason
The reason you breathe
The reason you wake up everyday
The reason your heart pumps
And the reason you say the things you say
I know I let you down before
I know I hated you before
I know I disrespected you
I know I lied to you and more
I'm sorry for all them things
I'm sorry for the hurt I bring
I'm sorry for killing the love
I'm sorry for all that I've done
Baby I just want you to know
Know that your better than them
Know that its hard to understand
Know that your all I need in the end
And know that baby I am your man
My love for you will never go away
My love for you will never be a lie
My love for is here to stay
And my love for you will never die. .

This Is For You My Ex Love. .

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