Monday, October 5, 2009

Inside Your Eyes

Dead inside your eyes
Still waiting to come alive
I can feel it in my teeth
Dying for life
Coldness in my feet
Bound for defeat
Good ol' fashion nightmare
A head full of sadness
I laugh at sun sets
Before the moon divides the ocean
You must learn to see
Before opening your eyes
If so isn't achieved
You'll be blinded by lies
The answer to my silents
She's my sound
My feet never touched the ground
Whenever you were around
Felt like an angel
You were my heaven
But I was your devil
You hurt me like hell
Burning my soul
Putting fire through my heart
And then it was cold
My emotions ripped apart
You was gone
As fast as you came
I wouldn't be surprised
If you didn't know my name
Dead inside your eyes
Burning with lies
Rejecting words I speak
With your evil little smile. .

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