Thursday, October 22, 2009

Your Thoughts

Slowly your heartbeats
And your mind speaks
What your soul seeks
Your lonely body just
Can't be relaxed
It needs the attention
Wants the affection
And strives for redemption
Of that perfect feeling
The one that's caused by
My sexual healing
Flashbacks of how
You road my dick
Up and down
Then there was the time
When you said
Your pussy was all mine
Cold sweats
Your eyes closed and tighten
I pulled your hair
As you started biting
The pillow and
Screamed my name
Relizing noone could ever
Do you the same
From behind you
I went so deep!
I took your breath away
You couldn't speak
My penetration, was exact
Your physique, so intact
Unbelievavble beauty!
Just wait, i'll be back. .

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