Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm here, trapped with in
Your spell
And there's no escaping
From how I fell
For you and your ways
It had me thinking
Forever stuck in this daze
You'd have had to
Been planing this for sometime now
Because you've
Totally hacked my mind, but how?
How could this be
That you've claim to love thee
And much others besides me
When I'd just rather fly free
Away from your trickery
Into the sky where
I'd surely dissappear
Racing through the open air
Burning up in the sun
Which leaves scars so deep
Its to painful to run
I'll never sleep
Once I've begun
To escape
The faith brought upon me
That complicates
The life I hardly see
So what's left
After I've left everything behind
Just the thoughts
That dwells deep in my mind
Stuck in pitch black
No body, no heart, no soul
Just lost, eyes shut, ice cold
And I'm trapped!

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  1. read it more than once ... definitely like dis one !!!