Monday, September 21, 2009

Lucky Pen

Lucky pen
I tried to write my name
In the sky upon cloud
But my finger just went
Up, through and around
I tried to jump into a puddle
But my feet couldn't plummet
Even when I stood suttle
I tried eating paste
when I was little
I couldn't stand the taste
Other kids thought I was mental
I tried to be a power ranger
But I never transformed
I didn't have the pleasure
I caught them all
I did better than ash
But these poke'mon
Really sucked ass
I tried to fly
With my blanket as a cape
I just fell to the floor
No sweet escape
I crossed them over all the time
But they stole the ball every time
I ran for touch down
As fast as I could
But I got tackled
I got hurt real good
I knew a few tricks on my bike
popped a wheelie all night
I skated morning til'
Oly'd over everything
I tried writing on that cloud again
But I just ended up
with my paper and lucky pen. .