Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zombie Girl

Zombie Girl
My zombie love
We'll be as one forever more
I used tattoo's to substitute
The pain of razor blades
Patient zero
Aqua veins
Purple wearing blue lips gypsy
Empty vessel
With scabs of green
The color controlled
By money fiends
Skin dead ice
Colder than blue
If I kill you
You'd have died twice
The next death is mine
Ill pay that price
We'll share it together
To give you pleasure
Drain my blood
Help me transform
With your love
Ill be reborn
Free from life
Welcomed to death
Sounds so promising
No regret
The most beautiful of them all
The dead girl on my arm
Take my soul
Spare my heart
In this world
We'll never part
My zombie love
This is where we start. .


  1. for some reason zombie love reminds me of eternal love....(unless im just slow and that was the point of ur poem.)

  2. really deep stuff tree as usual i love the tat and the story behind it really show's you and lets other people open there mind to see that tatoos have meanings and should have a meaning not just put random shiqs on your temple =) and that's a wonderful conection

  3. this peice is really complex yet simpilistic. . im really feelin the techniques and comparisons u mak e<3