Monday, November 2, 2009


The feelings we leave deep down
Are left inside to die
Slowly as the depression drowns
My heart beings to subside
Taking over by pain
Affected me deadly
My soul is left drain
Weaken from the hurt
Of a unforgettable past
Which gave me the judgment
That happiness wouldn't last
What if I loved no one
Would I be better off?
Or to love someone
And have that love lost?
Answers never given
To the questions always asked
Confusion is what I live in
Hidden behind an invisible mask
I was told once before
You can be a creator or a victim
And to choose carefully with them
I'm thee creator
And your my creation
A critical example
Of perfection
If I'm the mistake
Your my correction. .

1 comment:

  1. def feeling this one...i'll add it 2 my favs...the last line stood out most 2 me
    "I'm thee creator,And your my creation
    A critical example,Of perfection
    If I'm the mistake Your my correction"