Thursday, November 5, 2009


In deep thought is where I realize,
in a world like this there's no surprise.
I'm in a world filled with people who are as I say ungrateful,
for the lives they live very mistake full.
Not accepting what they already have by wanting more,
thinking it will bring happiness right through the door.
But its not that easy you see,
all they do is hurt each other with there needs.
Like crabs in a bucket they bring each other down,
but when in need of help no ones around.
No support or some kind of super hero coming to the rescue,
because your friends will have already left you.
Its hard enough surviving in this cold world,
but to live it with everyone's lies is just to much to hold.
I'm trying to maintain all these reckless thoughts in my brain,
alongside all of the stressful complains.
Is like a war with no end,
it just keeps going and going until I'm unable to comprehend.
uncompleted distracted and abandoned,
defeated unexpected and left empty handed.
Is what would be left of me,
if I gave up on life so easily.
I live in such a cold world,
I'm just afraid that one day I will wake up all alone.

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