Saturday, November 28, 2009


Heart broken out spoken taken for a fool,
used abused treated as ah tool.
A scared soul left alone to die,
covered with darkness unable to make it to the sky.
How to survive in this life,
when your heart has been sacrifice.
For someone else's joy of needs,
unbelievable sadness that makes me bleed.
Out the pain from my now cold dead heart,
that you have painfully ripped apart.
Piece by piece making me suffer so much,
as you wait to add the finishing touch.
That will end it all in one big kah boom,
leaving my body lifeless in a very small room.
Yea my coffin is where you want me to be,
as you look through those killing eyes you see.
The awesome work you have done,
feeling completed you have won.
I am dead and gone from this world,
all because of you manipulative girl. .