Saturday, November 21, 2009


Laid up in this room
Naked skin, the dark consumes
To hard to see what hides
Purplish colors form before my eyes
Changing shapes and locations
As they rip from mutation
Finally closing my eyes
Fallen to the calling
Of the sleep I despised
A rush of blood
And a raising heart rate
Just to much to anticipate
These creatures, this place
What a scary looking face
Everything here is just so
Not what I'm used to but even though
It all seems familiar
In some kind of way
This place here, I can't not stay
It feels like forever inside a day
Trapped? I dear not say
A way out is the only option
But how to escape my adoption
Into this world of humans
And ordinary people
Of feelings and emotions
Life or death?
And the sad thoughts I regret
A blinding light
And now I'm back in my room
The darkness is gone
But visions still loom. .

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