Monday, November 2, 2009

Heal Of The Nation

I could feel my eyes getting lower
As my body had gotten lighter
When time began to move slower
The room was now quieter
My mind and body now at ease
My soul and spirit roamed so free
Through the air however they pleased
As if they were stuck in a slow motion speed
There wasn't a single person that I needed
At this point I was definitely conceited
No problems, no issues, no stress
I could finally feel my heart at rest.
Just like water reflects a face
So does a heart reflect the man
That's something people don't understand.
It felt as if the world was off my shoulders
Nothing could hold me back
I felt much stronger

Didn't need to react
I wanted this feeling to go on longer.
Before I had to force a smile
I was so good no one could tell my lie
But now I'm having a good old time
Laughing so hard there were tears, I cried
My mind wondered off here and there
Into different places and other things
My mind didn't care.
Then after when I went back to normal
And everything was done
I took my last pull
Of this pain relieving bud
I was now missing the sensation
From the heal of the nation. .

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