Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Special Day

This is your special day baby
Its time to bring the freak out the lady
Lay down don't worry i'll do everything
I'll undress you slowly close your eyes
And let me do my thing
Running my fingers over your soft skin
I feel your body temperature rising
As I kiss you I take my time
To look deep with in your eyes
I move down slowly biting your bottom lip
Towards your neck licking slowly as I hit
Your spot making you moan a little
I move down to your nipples
Sucking and licking them as I squeeze 'em
You look down at me as I leave them
You feel my dick getting harder and longer
between your legs
I move up on you and spread your legs
Feeling the wetness from your pussy
As I rubbed my dick on your clit
You got excited each time I moved it
I started to slide my dick between your pussy lips
As soon as I got in and felt the warmness
All I could say was oh goodness
I started off slow with each blow
You grabbed on to me and didn't let go
In and out grinding when I got deep
Making your toes curl as you grab the sheets
I speeded up with your legs in the air
Fucking that pussy good
I wouldn't dear hurt you even if I could
The pleasure is all mine baby
Your screaming my name crazy
You hop on me for a ride
Oh how it feels so good inside
Of you I pick you up to show you a thing or two
Holding you up in the air pounding your pussy boo
You screaming "baby i'm cuming i'm cuming"
Then all your juices start to running
All over my dick dripping to the floor
But all your thinking is "I want more"
I put down and make you grab them ankles
Doggy style baby you calling me daddy
I'm fucking you good slapping your ass
Making it shake I got you cuming again
In out in I don't wana leave its so warm
I'm not giving you no time 2 breathe
Back on the bed your legs around me
I slow it down so we can enjoy thee
Last few seconds of this sensational pleasure
I'm about to cum I go deep to reach
Your climax your legs shaking pussy dripping
Out of breath bodies weak can't really speak
Time moves so slow as I begin to cum
I kiss you as I lay on top of you I'm finally done
I whisper in your ear "I hope you enjoyed"
You close your eyes and your off to sleep
I could tell you was to weak to speak
I closed my eyes and smiled
Your special day has arrived. .