Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Dream Girl

I never thought I'd find a girl like you,
damn your a dream come true.
I love it how your always there,
by my side you'd show you care.
Every word that escaped your lips would make me feel,
so great inside any pain would heal.
Your not like those other girls,
your special god only made one of you in this world.
When you kiss me I get butterflys in my tummy,
oh how it feels so funny.
I'm in love with you baby,
I'm so glad that your my lady.
We have this connection that can't be broken,
like a chain of words that was spoken.
I can look deep within your eyes,
and see our love traveling for miles.
On a road with no end,
I'm glad we're more than just friends.
You have this affect on my mind body and soul,
that's letting my hearts love unfold.
I never knew of a feeling so great,
that would make me forget all my mistakes.
Of being with those girls in my past,
gosh your even better than my last.
This is the best feeling in the world,
its to bad I woke up because you was just a dream girl. .

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